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Carter's Picture
Carters's Picture On March 15th, 2014 our world got turned upside down. With a sudden diagnosis of cancer for 2 year old Carter, we were at a loss. We were airlifted to St. John's immediately. Being from Stephenville and now on the other side of the province without our family and friends was very scary. We did not know where we were going to stay and how we were going to afford to stay for a minimum of 8 months. We thought we would first sell the cars, then the house and anything else we had. On the second night in St. John's we received a call from the BSG Sick Children's Foundation, Bob Miller who told us everything is going to be alright. He said not to worry, he would find us accommodations and help with meals. This was a huge weight off our shoulders. With the help of the Foundation, we were able to keep what we worked hard for and had somewhere to bring our boy home to after treatment. Carter is still going through treatment as of today. We travel every 3 months to St. John's. The MacNeil's want to thank the BSG Sick Children's Foundation, with your help, this journey has been easier.

Love The MacNeil Family

Jackson's Picture
jackson's PictureThe Bay St. George stick Children's Foundation has been a part of our life since 2010. In April of 2010 our son Jackson was diagnosed at 6 months old with a condition called aortic stenosis; Aortic stenosis is a condition of the heart. For the last 6 years we have been traveling to St. John's on a regular basis to see Jackson's cardiologist. The Bay St. George Sick Children's Foundation has been there to help us each and every time. Ensuring us that we would be taken care of and everything would be okay. This meant the world to us and lifted some stress from our shoulders. We are very thankful to have such an amazing Foundation by our side.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for time and time again donating it really makes a difference in a person's life.

Love The Blanchard Family

Kaydee's Picture
kaydee's PictureIn March 2013 we received devastating news that our then 2 year old daughter Kaydee was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We were airlifted to St. John's where Kaydee would receive months of chemo therapy. Being a self employed parent there was no income coming in. We received a call from Marsha MacInnis, President of BSG Sick Children's Foundation, 2 days later. She told me that the BSG Sick Children's Foundation would cover the cost of our food and accommodations while we were away from home. All other doctor appointments that Kaydee needed to attend, the BSG Sick Children's Foundation covered that as well. We were very relieved that this foundation was available for our family and what they do to help families with sick children. Thank you

Love The Collier and McIsaac Families

Kenzie's Picture
kenzie's PictureOur journey began when our sweet baby Kenzie was born with many complications. Kenzie was airlifted to the Janeway at two days old in October 2011. Over the years as our sweet baby's conditions got worse, The Bay St. George Sick Children's Foundation supported us. They have become such an amazing support to our family. They have become our financial support and also our emotional support. The Foundation has been there for us in many ways. Our family could never thank them enough. From 2011-2016 our family has travelled to St. John's over 60 times so Kenzie could have the best care that she deserved. Without the BSG Sick Children's Foundation our family could never afford to go to have of the appointments that we encountered in Kenzie's short life. They relieved us of the stress of accommodations, meals and gas money. The Foundation is not only a Foundation to us, they are FAMILY. Kenzie lost her battle in this big world, she is now our sweet angel Kenzie. Thank You Bay St. George Sick Children's Foundation for all your support then and even now...your friendship we will cherish forever.

Love Always, Kenny, Robyn, Andy, Norma & Our Sweet Baby Kenzie XOXO

Liam's Picture
liam's PictureIn Feb 2011 we got the exciting news we were having a Boy!! Our family was now complete. Then in March that same year we got the most devastating news any one can get. There was something wrong with our baby s heart, our world was turned upside down. From that day on we had to travel to St. Johns every two weeks for appointments. I had to relocate to St. Johns a month before he was due, for appointments and preparation for his delivery. On July 4th we welcomed our baby boy into the world. We were told within hours of his birth he had to be sent away. Our hearts sank!! He was rushed to the IWK hospital in Halifax, that's when we were told of the Bay St George Sick Kids Foundation. Bob Miller, of the Foundation then contacted us and advised us that they were there to help. We then spent 6 months in Halifax where Liam had two open heart surgeries and many procedures. We have returned to Halifax many times since for heart surgeries and other procedures, along with traveling to St Johns every three to six months. We have received a tremendous amount of support over the last 6 years and we will have to continue to use The Bay St George Sick Children's Foundation for more years to come.

Love The Bartlett/Simon Family

Zachery's Picture
zachery's PictureWe were a retired couple from Cape St. George who chose to raise our newborn grandson. We looked forward to a definite challenging but exciting retirement. Then a few years ago, in 2013, Zachary suffered a massive seizure that resulted in several trips to the Janeway, specialist's appointments across the province and the identification of a serious, previously unknown medical condition. He was diagnosed with Hemi-facial Microsomia - a genetic disorder that resulted with one side of his face growing faster than the other. It could lead to disfiguring facial features and complications with his ability to speak. Last year, Zachery underwent plastic surgery in St. John's in an effort by the doctors to give him back his beautiful smile. He will be monitored by doctors for the rest of his life.

The worry and emotional stress of raising a sick child has been overwhelming and we struggled with mounting medical bills. This was when our family reached out to the Bay St. George Sick Children's Foundation last year. The response of their volunteer support team renewed our belief in the kindness of people in helping others in need. The people of our beautiful Bay St. George area deserve a round of applause for the fabulous work they are doing in supporting families with sick children in our area. They touch the lives of these families in such a positive way every time they support this worthy organization. More important than the financial support, is knowing that other people care about families like ours and take the time to donate to such a worthwhile cause.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Judy Chaisson and Family